More than 30 years of Good Taste


Euro Swiss Food Incorporated is a food manufacturing company established under the leadership and gastronomic vision of Werner Berger, it’s founding president and general manager, since 1984. He wanted to bring to the Filipino food service industry the quality and authenticity of processed meat such as Swiss-German cut sausages , hams, bacons, meatloaf, smoked fish, and a host of meat specialities in what used to be a small factory inn a semi-industrialized area outside the commercial district of Manila’s prime city, Makati. After a tragic fire gutting the factory in August 1994, Euro-Swiss lost no time in building a better and bigger meat processing plant equipped with European technology in the same area. It now occupies the second floor of WIC building at 7431 Yakal Street San Antonio Village, Makati City and has a work force of about 70 employees.

Werner Berger’s vision was to bring good quality products produced locally to assist the Chefs of the hotel and restaurant industry in their food preparations and simultaneously educate the consumers how gourmet food should be. Using only the finest selection of local and imported raw materials, herbs, and spices, production is closely supervised by Swiss Butcher, Hubert Weber, the production manager. Euro-Swiss Foods takes pride in its meat products that are served lean and not overly salty and without preservatives making it only the manufacturing company locally with a shelf-life of 14 days for all of its processed meats. This process has always maintained the consistency of fresh quality products.

Euro-Swiss Food Inc. processing plant has AA accreditation from the National Meat Inspection Commission and the Department of Health for its high level pratices of sanitation, hygiene and safety of food handling and preparations. Its products are duly registered with the Bureau of Food and Drug for public sale and general consumption.

Euro-Swiss Food supplies the hotels, fine dining restaurants, delicatessen gourmet shops and selected supermarket all over the country. Its products are marketed under the brand name SANTIS. In keeping up the globalization, they have expanded their markets and ventured into export. Euro-Swiss Food exports to Asian countries, Hong Kong , and the Middle East.